Use Fashion Month as Inspiration for Your Next Project

Use Fashion Month as Inspiration for Your Next Project

Proportion, texture, silhouette, material usage, color, balance. When combined, these ingredients create visually decadent, highly coveted fashion collections. ICYMI, we’re in the thick of fashion month, coming off the high of the couture circuit and settling nicely into the fast-paced rhythm of New York Fashion Week. 

The world of interior design can find ample inspiration from the sartorial spectacle of Fashion Month. From color palettes to motifs, a fascinating parallel exists between the two realms, particularly evident when it comes to tile.

In the first few rounds of shows, we noticed multiple trends, from luxurious textures to geometric patterns and color palettes inspired by nature. These trends seamlessly translate to tile design, offering a wealth of inspiration for project ideation.



Opt for tiles with tactile surfaces like matte finishes, textured stone, or wood-look tiles. Mixing different textures within the same space can add depth and dimension. For example, pairing smooth ceramic tiles with textured stone tiles can create contrast.

Show: Simone Rocha for Jean Paul Gaultier (L), Thom Browne (R)
Photo credit: Dominique Maitre/WWD (L), Thom Browne/Vogue Runway (R)
Featured Tile: Summer Outing Optimum Grey (L), Granda Sahara Noir White (R)


Geometric Patterns:

Mix and match different geometric patterns to create visual intrigue while maintaining a cohesive look. A bold chevron pattern paired with a subtle geometric motif can create balance. Play with scale by incorporating repetitive, large-scale geometric patterns on floors and smaller-scale patterns on walls to create a sense of continuity throughout the space.

Show: Simone Rocha for Jean Paul Gaultier (L), Fendi (R)
Photo credit: DOMINIQUE MAITRE/WWD (L), Launchmetrics Spotlight (R)
Featured Tile: Destino Lucia Geometric (L), Destino Romeo + Juliet Mosaic (R)


Inspired by Nature:

Take inspiration from natural landscapes when choosing colors for your space. Serene ocean blues, earthy greens, warm browns, and sandy neutrals can inform your color palette. Use textured tiles in neutral tones as a backdrop to highlight bolder geometric patterns or vibrant colors, allowing them to stand out as focal points in the room.

Photo credit: Maison Margiela (L), Alaia (R)
Featured Tile: Ecstasy Bliss (L), Twiggy Far Out Mix (R)