Budget is No Longer a Dirty Word

Budget is No Longer a Dirty Word

We’re saying the quiet part out loud: budget is no longer a dirty word. Working within a budget does not mean stifling your creativity, or worse, the finished space looking cheap. Sometimes the best ideas are born out of working within more rigid parameters. [Insert applicable, trite quote here]. Here are our tips to keep in your back pocket to help you stay on budget without compromising on aesthetics.

Technological Advancements in the Industry

Featured Tile (L-R): Seep Collection – Nectar, Twiggy Collection – Far Out

In the last decade, tile technology has come a long way. It is easier than ever to digitally recreate more costly materials such as marble, natural stone, or natural wood flooring. Digital replicas are hyper-realistic and offer the same look at a fraction of the price with the added benefits of less upkeep, increased durability, and easier installation. Manufactured tiles provide the opportunity to create more bespoke finish combinations that would otherwise be incredibly time-consuming and costly to produce. For example, check out the concrete infusion of wood with our Seep Collection and the inlaid madness of our Ingrain or Twiggy Collections.

Contrasting High and Low Materials

Featured Tile (L-R): Granda II Collection – Onice NacarManacor Collection - White 4" x 4"

Who says you should spend a fortune on high-end materials to achieve a high-end look? By strategically combining luxe tiles with more budget-friendly options, you can create visually stunning contrast to elevate your project. Mix natural stone tiles with ceramic or porcelain alternatives to achieve a sophisticated result without the hefty price tag. The juxtaposition of textures and colors adds depth and character to any space, making it feel rich and inviting.

Minimize Waste Where You Can

Featured Tile (L-R): Stone Age Collection – Paleo Linear, Stone Age Collection – Paleo, Stone Age Collection – Paleo Wave

Maximize your budget by minimizing waste. With our Perfect Fit tile, you can choose from a wide variety of design aesthetics in an easy-to-use 10" x 30" size. These tiles fit a multitude of spaces precisely, cutting down [pun intended] on material waste. Say goodbye to unnecessary leftovers and hello to efficient, cost-effective installations.

The Art of Mixing Finishes

Featured Tile (L-R): Destino Collection – Juliet Glossy, Bare Collection – Esposto Formed

Don't be afraid to mix different tile finishes to add visual interest to your design. Experiment with glossy and matte surfaces or incorporate textured tiles for a tactile experience. Mixing finishes not only adds dimension to a space but allows you to play with light and shadow, creating dynamic focal points. Whether you are designing a sleek, modern lobby or a cozy multi-family retreat, the art of mixing finishes adds a layer of visual complexity and is sure to impress.